SOGIESC Training with the Fiji National University staff

We have been conducting SOGIESC training with Fiji National University campuses in the Central and Western division. The hundreds of workshops with everyone from the Vice Chancellor to security guards and academic staff, including Medical students, nursing school students, pilots in training, engineers, marine scientists, literature majors, mathematicians, have been fascinating, open and engaging. The initial participant impact assessments have been overwhelmingly positive, with attendees stating that they were leaving the room motivated to stop family and friends from violating rights of LGBTQI+ people, that they are going to defend sisters and women family members from misogynist behaviour, there are researchers, many, who are making commitments to include sexual rights issues in their area of work. We have had invitations for faculty specific seminars with students as staff found it so useful, while the University has invited us to do mass sessions in auditoriums with undergraduate and graduate students. We are being asked to do this work by online Zoom, but have declined, as the methodology is not transferable online in the same way as we deliver offline. We resume both with staff in April 2022 and a few student sessions soon.