A south based feminist LBTQ+ led group like DIVA

working a small island, climate frontline context is about local, autonomous and sustainable activism, advocacy and movement-building. We have insisted on strongest accountability structures and processes and worked hard with others to articulate what that might look like in practical terms for social, economic, ecological and climate justice and human rights for all.

DIVA for Equality works hard behind the scenes with feminist

organisations and movements to ensure that we are articulating strongly analysis and needs of South and climate frontline women especially in FIji and the Pacific SIDS: For us this means an insistence on Inclusion of gender based violence and discrimination, issues of end to fossil fuel based economies, focus on no commodified false solutions, loss and damage, mitigation beyond nett zero and with no carbon trading focus, adaptation. We have a commitment to the GEDA coalition on gender and climate data nexus, focus on climate finance being grant-based, getting funds moved more directly to grassroots led women’s groups including in the South/Pacific, etc. DIVA for Equality constituency, Management Collective and Staff are present and speaking in many fora. We connect from local to global and back through a wide range of social movement Working Groups, rallies and campaigns, Communities of Practice, Coalitions, alliances, below-ground influencing and such, so we are able to visualise and connect many groups in this work. That is also how we influence, through organising skills and experience.

We also work extensively and as able with UN agencies and especially

UNWomen and OHCHR, with other CROP agencies in the Pacific. This includes members of the Pacific Gender Technical Working Group, SPC, PIFS, SPREP, and more.

Constituency Networks ​

Coalitions and Joint CSO Initiatives ​

Regional member and Chair of the Gender and CLimate Justice Working Group

Global member and on transition Steering Committee

 Chair, regional WG member

 (Regional PSIDS), since 2015

Comprises UN, Dev agencies, CROP agencies and NGOs, influential, regionally, very broad politics, over 110 members

(Member of regional working group)

(Was PSIDS founding OP, fought for original regional OP spot, Now stepped down from term/Still active member

Founding member, Regions Refocus co-convenes

Regional WG member and analytical adviser, convened by Shifting the Power Coalition

Jointly convened annually at CSW by Resurj and DIVA for Equality

Global member, convened by WEDO and IUCN

with WEDO, PACJ, Other CSOs, Govt of Costa Rica and Maldives, UNW etc, 2021-2025

Member of the national Technical Working Group, National, 13 sectors national Whole of Govt, UN, Min for Women, Education, Health and PM Office, Cross-ministerial, 5 years 2021 to 2025

10 members, core gender technical working group

Online organising group, secretariat FWRM, on 2016 and 2019 Pacific Feminist Forum (2), regional coordination WG

We were WGC rep to COP21-Liaison to the COP Presidency, Active, engaged primarily online and joint work at multilateral spaces

in national, regional and global spaces and processes.