DIVA community members are part of a powerful local and global grassroots-led social movement of feminist, sexual rights, women’s rights and gender justice defenders. We work on all aspects of women's lives -socio-economic, ecological, climate and more. We mobilise and organise in informal settlements, rural and maritime areas since 2011.

We produce participative research, analysis, and advocacy. We deliver services and referrals to help women and GNB people navigate state and social systems, and carry out direct action and advocacy. We work for universal human rights and justice.

You can be engaged in small and large ways. Contact us to check out possibilities with the Management Collective:


    *Drop into the Nadi Community DHive Centre (Opening on 2 July 2022). The Centre in Martintar has a member's 'FreeShop', 'Just Fixes' one-stop centre for info and support, and a 'FemTech' learning centre to build new, just futures. We also have a shady garden where members can come, rest and relax when the Centre is open.

    *If you are a lesbian, bisexual or transgender person in Fiji and the Pacific and from poor/high risk/informal settlements, rural and maritime areas, you can be part of our constituency Hub and networks;

    *If you are a woman from poor/high risk/informal settlements, rural and maritime areas, you can be part of our Poverty to Power or Qaqa networks, dependent on your age and needs;

    *If you are a feminist from any Pacific small islands country or Black, Indigenous or person of colour from Aotearoa or Australia Indigenous community, join 'Women Defend Commons Network' or the Pacific Feminist SRHR Coalition, PICAN/DIVA Working Group on Gender and CC;

    *If you are an activist from a Pacific small islands based CSO group, you can join the Pacific Feminist Community of Practice (PacFemCOP).

    What we are not:

    We are not an NGO. We do not have a lot of resources for training, development of the general public. Sorry, we do not host international volunteers, just local ones from our networks. We welcome new members who want to contribute to DIVA for Equality work from at-risk and marginalised communities, and learn how we work and play. We are a registered queer-led feminist collective in Fiji, with a wide and engaged constituency of women, femme and gender non-binary people in Fiji, Pacific small island communities, Majority South. We have strong accomplices transnationally.

    Make A Donation

    We welcome donations from everyone. Let us know and we can pick up, or arrange for drop-off. Contact us on public@divafiji.org

    You can also show your support for transformative change by making a donation to DIVA. Your valuable contribution will help sustain the work that we do.

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    Account number:    9807814968

    Branch:                   Westpac Garden City

    Branch Address:     Raiwai, Suva

    BSB:                       039 024

    Swift Code:             WPACFJFX