Board of Trustee​s

The DIVA for Equality Board of Trustees are drawn from diverse backgrounds with expertise ranging from program management, activism, media & broadcasting, human rights, education and climate justice. The board is committed to social, economic, ecological and climate justice.

Losana Mualaulau - Board of Trust, Chair

Summary Bio:

Hello! My name is Losana and I’m originally from Wainibuka, Tailevu, bred in Nausori though. My educational background is in environmental management and science, however, most of my work experience is centered around project/program management. I enjoy outdoor adventures (scuba diving, hiking), reading, and getting to know new things/people.

I’m passionate about volunteerism as it gives me the chance to give back to my community at the same time learn more about others.

What brings me pleasure:

Nothing beats having quality time with self, family, and genuine friends. The benefits of these “simple pleasures” far outweigh the cost of investment.

Losana Mualaulau

Board of Trustee, Chair
Sulu Hughes-Casimira - Board of Trust Member

Summary Bio:

I am of Samoan parentage but was born and bred in Suva many, many moons ago!! Am a product Catholic upbringing and education especially of the school in blue/white up Waimanu Road. Couldn’t bring myself to go work in an office amongst women, so took up an apprenticeship with PWD back in the day (this was in 1980 and we, the young women at the time with PWD, were some of the early pioneers of ‘females/girls’ in the workforce)!! I then moved into shipbuilding with the Fiji Marine Shipyard with a female counterpart before leaving that all behind and moving onto a more personal life journey. I am now married with 3 children and am enjoying life as it is now…..retired and stress-free of all that unnecessary stress that goes with working in a 9 – 5 job!!

What brings me pleasure: 

I can’t say that there is anything specific that brings me pleasure (I have a different interpretation of this word!). I find cooking and baking very therapeutic (unless you dare to venture into the kitchen when I am in the mode) but I find my peace in this. Reaching out to teach women how to cook and bake is something that is life-giving for me and I suppose it works too for the women (spouses of students at PTC) that I teach here at the Pacific Theological College. To see the smiles on their faces when they get to taste what they have baked or cooked from everyday ingredients gives me satisfaction to know that: 

1) I have enabled another woman to find her belief in herself that she can bake and cook something great for her family but also use it as a means of income for her family. 

2) That she has learned something new that she could then take back and teach to her women/people in her community or mission area upon return home. 

Walking the journey of life with people of different ethnicities, faiths, and orientation is another space where I find satisfaction, whereby sharing with them and listening to their stories, and joining in with the activities, etc that they may be doing. I am called and challenged to be the ‘change’ that I want to see in the world and not be ‘God, judge, and jury’ of something that is far beyond me.

Sulu Hughes-Casimira

Board of Trustee
Shirley Tagi - Board of Trustee

Summary Bio: 

Shirley Tagi is a feminist and one of the founders and past Coordinator of DIVA for Equality (2001-2019). Shirley has been a Pacific ​feminist community organiser, facilitator, human rights advocate, ​singer, guitarist and musical community activist, woman broadcaster, ​programme ​producer, ​radio station ​manager, programme and project planner, technical adviser, and independent consultant for over 25 years​, and has worked​ in ​​​collectives, CSOs, ​​Community media, Mainstream media, ​University, government ​statutory bodies, INGO’s ​and funding sectors​.  Shirley holds a Master in Business Administration from the University of the South Pacific, Post Graduate Diploma for General Managers, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management.

What brings Shirley pleasure: 

“My family, and singing.”

Shirley Tagi

Board of Trustee