Supplied photo: Feminist accomplice in Kanaky

11 April 2024, Fiji

Aliii, Alo olgeta, Aloha, Bula, Elo, Fakalofa lahi atu, G’day, Halo, Hello, Hafa adai, Iakwe, Ia orana, Kamawir Omo, Kaselehlia, Kia orana, Ki Ora, Malo e lelei, Mauri, Namaste, Salaam alei kum, Talofa, Talofa Lava and warmest Pacific Rainbow Greetings!

The Pacific Women Mediators Network strongly stands in solidarity with the courageous women leaders in Kanaky who are tirelessly striving for a just, peaceful, and inclusive resolution amidst the inter-twined economic, political, and social challenges gripping New Caledonia.

We firmly commit to standing by their side, unwavering in our support, and to actively amplifying their voices on both regional and global platforms.

We urgently call upon Pacific Island political, traditional, and faith leaders to take decisive and inclusive transformative actions to address the root causes and drivers of gender-based violence, as well as all other forms of violence, conflict, war, and genocide. This includes confronting entrenched prejudices, heteronormative structures, and patriarchal systems that perpetuate inequality and harm. We must work together to create a future where peace, justice, and dignity are truly accessible to all

We stand ready to support women-led mediation efforts which are an opportunity to boost intentional and meaningful women’s participation in peace and security including contributing to prevention and peacebuilding and processes that can help foster positive peace, a concept that includes accountable and inclusive governance, social equity and justice, security from physical harm and full enjoyment of other inviolable human rights.

We further reaffirm bonds of solidarity and friendship between the Kanak and West Papua liberation movements as we work in collective solidarity with all who have experienced, and today still face occupations, genocides, loss of territory, and war.

“There is a place and time for the riches of our Pacific culture and when we come together as the Household of God, the gospel affirms the opportunity to weave together our Pacific Island cultures. In doing so we are contributing to the shared founding vision of the PCC for self-determination including for women, young women and children, alongside men and young men; We reaffirm PCC resolutions on the work for nuclear justice and self -determination and urge collaboration to support the leadership of women and young women in all programmes including as speakers at international forums.”

– Pacific Conference of Churches Women’s Pre Assembly 2023

***This statement is written by members of the Pacific Women Mediators Network. For more information please email & visit****