Poverty to Power

The Poverty to Power network has emerged out of work by DIVA over 10 years, to increase and strengthen our work on issues of economic justice, using feminist and human rights frames. We have sets of work developed on social justice, economic justice, ecological justice and climate justice. This work strengthens the work for economic rights and justice. 

The conditions of poverty will not be changed by leaving core injustice untouched, because poverty, just like climate change and violence against women and every other oppression, is a symptom of deeper issues of power, control, privilege and oppression.

 Just as in wider feminism, if those experiencing poverty are not aware of this, and are not themselves involved in the work for change, then they start to believe that their individual actions are causing the poverty and not systemic inequalities at local to global levels. 

The reality is much more complicated and feminists, with others, work on these sets of complex social change work over time.