POVERTY TO POWER: DIVA For Equality Feminist approaches to economic justice. A programme by and for women and GNB people experiencing poverty and socio-economic, ecological and other development challenges and human rights violations, in Fiji. 

A Poverty to Power women-led movement is growing in Fiji since 2015, with women in a DIVA for Equality FIJI supported network supporting each other, gaining solidarity and strength, and working on mutual aid during the pandemic, etc. 

As the pandemic conditions slowly lift, some of the women in the network are working on individual 6 month and 12 month plans to tackle poverty in their own lives and for others whom they care about. There are also LBT Hubs working on collective plans on tackling poverty in their circles. 

Women and GNB people are also working on being clearer on power, privilege and oppression, systems gaps, generational poverty, obstacles and development injustice. They are collectively thinking through ideas, frameworks, skills and resources needed, and how to tackle issues that stop them from achieving economic justice and financial security. DIVA is helping especially with this part of the work, but all the plans are member-led.

This grassroots-led feminist programme is working as slow or fast as needed and with no unreal expectations and promises but a lot of mutual joy and support, small finance opportunities and bank accounts for many who do not have one yet, first-time CVs being created, other resources and tough discussions on issues that matter to women with high risk and high poverty, due to patriarchy, oppression and maldevelopment, life chances and choices. 

We will see who wants to share updates or not, over coming months – some anonymously, others publicly as advocacy and activism, others not at all – the sets of microenterprise, training and development and #justfixes will be moved by and for Fiji women experiencing various intersectional social, economic, ecological and development challenges and human rights violations. Updates as they come…

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