It is important in this time of Polycrisis and the climate emergency, for women in the majority South, especially climate frontline societies in the Pacific, to be clear on their positions on gender, human rights, climate, disaster risk reduction, resilience and response, biodiversity protection, and of the living Planet. In a year when some groups are boycotting the UNFCCC COP28 and others are working inside, we must be in communication and contact on red lines, visionary strategy and our expectations of those who are negotiating and working on climate justice issues. We will be creative, bold, and fierce in our articulations, as we fight for ourselves, other species and the living Planet. We demand to be heard. 

Pacific Feminist Defending the Living Planet.


This campaign runs from MONDAY 6 November to Friday 15 December in all time zones, especially Fiji and Pacific small island and development States. Over six weeks we will build an online and offline presence to raise awareness of issues of gender, social, economic, ecological and climate justice, and universal human rights. The campaign will be focused toward wider public awareness and in particular climate activists and advocates, in all their intersectional diversity. The campaign is convened by DIVA for Equality networks with Pacific Feminist Community of Practice, PICAN, PIFA4CJ, Pacific Conference of Churches, Resurj, and many others. 


Post messages on social media linked to the main hashtag # along with accompanying graphics and/or use a short quote and picture. Write blogs and let us know.

  • Include hashtags #FeministForALivingPlanet
  • Live tweeting/posting with hashtags is also encouraged during the solidarity action period.
  • Respond to any good or bad updates from the room.
  • Write accompanying blogs and do interviews in national, regional, and global media, including feminist and heterodox media.
  • Feel free to make your own graphics and send us a copy using the strongest feminist and universal human rights frameworks in your posts, and do not send the toolkit to large/public lists.
  • Government based allies, development partners, UN staff, academics and other public are welcome to join as individuals if there are no conditionalities on campaign content and as long as you do not affirm heteropatriarchy, religious fundamentalism, transphobia or any other sexism, racism and white supremacy, imperialism, coloniality and/or other oppressive stances that harm others.  We are organisers as Pacific autonomous feminist-led civil society and will not stand for hateful action. Thank you.
  • Fastest email contact: or 


WEEK 1: Campaign strategies and tactics – Overall and building over the time. 

WEEK 2: Stop Fossil Fuel, Feminist Climate Justice + Decoloniality + Decolonization, Sovereignty, Free Prior & Informed Consent, LAND BACK, Pacific Is Mad at Australia, Women Defend the Commons, Planetary Boundaries, Feminist Peace & Security, G77 & China, Loss & Damage Facility

WEEK 3: Extractive, Greedy Economic System, Global Report Card on Climate Action (F Grade), Breaking Agri-Business, Building Agro-Ecology, Food Systems, Women working on Climate Justice, Fukushima Water Waste Dumping.

WEEK 4: Special Circumstances of Pacific, SIDS, LDCs & Majority South people, Ocean Health, Water is Life, Climate & Ecological Justice is Gender Justice, what to do when patriarchy stops the work? Love, wellbeing, and health in a time of ecocide, + anything emergent from 30 November – 12 December.

  • Webinar: 2 hours – Pacific Feminists Defending the Living Planet: Launching Campaign 2023 – 2025 

Speakers: DIVA for Equality, PIFA4CJ, PICAN, Resurj, GAGGA(TBC), PCC (TBC)

  • Campaign T-Shirts and Sulu

WEEK 5: Bodily Autonomy, SRHR, Individual & Collective decisions making and the Climate Emergency + anything emergent from 30 November – 12 December.

WEEK 6: Poverty, Gender Justice and the Climate Emergency, Course Corrections & Civilization Shifts: Feminist Actions to Climate Just, Social, Economic, Ecological and Climate Systems.

Ends for now. Resumes in 2024/beyond.