Media Statement

2 July 2024, Nadi

Longtime activist/politician is appointed to ILGA Oceania regional advocacy role

DIVA for Equality is pleased to announce the appointment of our nominee, Louisa Hareruia Wall, Tūwharetoa, Hineuru, Waikato (Ia/She/Her), Takatāpui, Aotearoa NZ, former double international sportswoman, former politician, and human rights advocate, to the role of ILGA Oceania Women’s Chair.

DIVA for Equality’s Executive Director Noelene Nabulivou (She/Her) reflected, “To have a Pacific Women’s representative in ILGA World of this calibre and experience is phenomenal. We are grateful for Louisa Wall’s commitment to women and gender non-binary people of Oceania in particular, and all Pacific people. DIVA for Equality are proud to support her nomination and look forward to further regional and global advances in gender justice, SOGIESC, SRHR and universal human rights.  

ILGA World is a worldwide federation of 1919 member organisations from 169 countries campaigning for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex people, since 1978. ILGA Oceania is the incorporated sub-organisation responsible for the 24 countries and non-autonomous territories in the Oceania region. DIVA for Equality is a well known LBTQ+ led civil society organisation in Fiji, working across national, regional and global levels on issues of gender justice, SRHR, SOGIESC, human rights, and social, economic, ecological and climate justice.

Ms. Wall is a former NZ Ambassador for Pacific Gender Equality. She had a political career with the New Zealand Labour Party between 2002 and 2022. She was a Labour list Member of Parliament (MP) and MP for Manurewa in 2008 and again from 2011 to 2022. Wall is well-known for her successful leadership toward the legalisation of same-sex marriage in New Zealand in 2013. She resigned from Parliament to serve as New Zealand’s Ambassador for Pacific Gender Equality, a role she held until early 2024, She is known for her wide ability to support and accompany grassroots and national organising, as much for her strategic engagement at State and UN levels.

Ms Louisa Wall said today, “As the ILGA Oceania Women’s Chair, my role is crucial for advancing the representation, inclusion, and advocacy for women and girls in all our diversity within our region. This position allows me to amplify our voices, address our unique challenges, and ensure our perspectives are integral to all advocacy and policy-making efforts. By enhancing representation, fostering inclusion, and championing women’s rights, I aim to dismantle barriers and create opportunities that empower women and girls, reinforcing our fundamental rights and dignity.”

In alignment with the ILGA World Constitution, the role will ensure that women and girls from diverse SOGIESC backgrounds, including lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and non-binary individuals, have a genuine and substantive seat at all social, economic, ecological and climate decision-making tables.

“My goals are to make certain we feel valued and included, support us in addressing issues such as gender-based violence, discrimination, and inequality, and strengthen solidarity and support networks. By working as part of local and national PIDSOGIESC-led groups, and aligning regional efforts with ILGA World’s broader aims, I will work with others to create a more just, equitable, and inclusive society where every woman and girl can thrive”, said Louisa Wall.

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