Fiji Women’s Anti-Poverty & LGBTQI Solidarity Networks In Crises : Transparency Matters

By Noelene Nabulivou, Viva Tatawaqa, Tima Tamoi, Vika Kalokalo, Shirley Tagi, Suva, Fiji


The mutual aid work by and for marginalised, poor and at risk communities continues around Fiji in response to COVID19, cyclones and flood.

Some of the ways DIVA for Equality and networks are working on issues of transparency and accountability during this tough set of work, are as follows:

  •  Developing lists of recipients by DIVA LBT Hub focal points, community accomplices, local service providers, and other civil society groups, using clear criteria and drawing on local grassroots knowledge of constituency need. Also ensuring that we consult widely with accomplices to address greatest/most urgent needs first.


  • Ensuring that volunteers and MC work together wherever possible for increased transparency and co-learning for whole network (All volunteers receive a day rate for their work, as volunteerism is a class issue, not everyone can afford to do so, without some payment to do so, and transport, and shared simple food during the day, etc). We work together as ‘beloved communities’ and ecosystems of care. Where we get it wrong, we work hard to correct, apologise and also to do better next time. We are human.


  • Do no harm, we are careful that any demographic information is not public. We also ensure that DIVA gain explicit consent for use of any photos. Some give blanket consent for use of their photos, for others we source consent each time, and use/check on whether they are okay to have photos used for specific purposes. Many members of Hubs and wider networks are generally happy for use, but we check anyway. We are also careful that we treat each other with dignity and empathy in posts and in mutual aid process.


  • We have simple receipt books and also use consent-based photo documentation. Hubs and networks have helped to build these accountability processes which are simple, consistent, strong and unapologetic. As a network we discuss regularly why these matter, and any problems, so the work can continue. We try to make them as un-annoying as possible!


  • We all are very clear on why these networks of mutual social, economic and ecological justice work well, the feminist ethics at their core, and their efficacy and usefulness proved continually since 2011 including right now with COVID19 and cyclone response. We learn by continual praxis (action-reflection cycles) over the years, and we document. MEMORY IS RESISTANCE.


  • We share regular community feedback loops, on FB, Twitter and most importantly by Telephone trees and visits, as able. We do regular interventions in webinars. We also work with government on working groups, and other as able. We coordinate ourselves, we do not need anyone else to do that. Where we choose to work with others, it is from mutual need.


  •  Direct voice matters. Short public blogs are being written by a full circle of recipients, volunteers, Management Collective, funders while fresh in our minds. If media and others want more information just pull from these posts and contacts are below.

All women, all people, all human rights, social, economic, ecological and climate justice, everywhere.