Updates from a #VoivoiProtection project by #VadravadraWomen from #WomenDefendCommons network, supported and accompanied by: @diva4equality.

Vadravadra Women’s Group in Gau, with support of DIVA for Equality FIJI 

#WomenDefendCommons programmes, are protecting and sustainably farming voivoi, remembering the ways it was done in ancient times, cycles of growth and renewal, and ensuring that even as cyclones come and go with more severe impact and frequency, they have protected areas for women’s voivoi, planted and harvested by the women. So the work does not stop because some crops are blown away. Some will remain for new cycles of life, after the storms and severe tropical cycles that are now a regular part of the life of climate frontline communities, including in Fiji. 

Vadravadra Gau Women’s Group depend on healthy and sustainble supplies of voivoi, for their local use in households, ceremonies, and for sale. They are well-known for beautiful floor mats, and are now also producing organic coconut oil, for exchange with women producers and farmers in Viti Levu. They are also learning together to be stronger advocates for gender and economic justice, climate related loss and damage and find their own ways to integrate ecology and defence of the COMMONS (air, soil, water, oceans) and the Vanua and protect healthy biodiversity in all their life and work, with DIVA for Equality on various sets of work for some years now. #WomenHelpingWomen between #Fiji urban and rural areas.

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