We are leasing and soon to set up over the next 3 years, a FARMarama Ecological Centre. This is a part of the wider work of DIVA for Equality. The new FARMarama EcoCentre in Namulomulo Tailevu will work with a determined learning focus on human rights and justice for all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, sex characteristics, age, ethnicity, economic background, and other intersectionalities. Adapting the concepts of agroecology and degrowth, FARMarama will work with diverse women to overcome our greatest challenges of ending poverty and achieving zero hunger while ensuring inclusive growth and sustainably managing the planet’s natural resources all in the context of climate change. To defend the Commons the concept of agroecology will be integrated to revive the connection of women farmers to the land, water, biodiversity and the air as they are the principle knowledge holders who work and connect every day to the environment.

FARMarama will utilize agroecology, permaculture, cooperative development, just evacuation Centre, Multipurpose Conference Centre and other structures, spaces, principles and tools to transform approaches to pro-poor and ecologically-sound food and agriculture systems in Fiji, addressing the root causes of problems and providing holistic and long-term solutions based on co-creation of knowledge, sharing and innovation, including the combination of local, traditional, indigenous and practical knowledge with multi-disciplinary science. FARMarama Eco Centre will call for a transition to sustainable food, water, housing and agriculture knowledge systems that ensure food security and nutrition for all, provide social and economic equity, and conserve biodiversity and the ecosystem services on which agriculture depends. FARMarama is an Ecological Centre for women that will not only focus on farming and agroecology however it will also inspire women to foster innovative ideas and desire to pursue their passion in other areas of their interest. FARMarama will work together with the women to address long entrenched inequalities and development injustice. Together we will identify common problems and strategies across the LBTQ hubs, Qaqa Network, WDC and Poverty to Power Networks, along with the growing regional networks working with us on ecological justice, and facilitate durable change by demonstrating the power of a diverse range of women and gender diverse people working together.