Meredani Tokainakoro also know as Nau Mere reflects on the transformative power of two training experiences she attended when she joined DIVA for Equality FIJI. Formerly part of an agricultural program, she found a new sense of purpose in what they describe as her ‘feminist learning space.’


Over the past year, her perspective has evolved significantly, embracing topics such as SRHR (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights) and Economic/Ecological Justice. Last November, she embarked on a journey to establish a small cooking business from scratch, selling cakes, scones, and puddings in her community and at the Lautoka Wharf. With her dedication and the support DIVA for Equality, she was able to expand her venture, even acquiring cooking equipment and a cow for just $100. This entrepreneurial spirit extended to selling meals made with fish purchased from Lautoka’s wharf.


Simultaneously, Nau Mere has 15 years of experience in the agriculture field. She possess traditional indigenous farming knowledge and skills in nurturing seedlings in nurseries, managing crops like chillies, soursop, ivi, coconut, guava, dawa, eggplant, and more. Her approach not only promotes economic savings but also encourages families to cultivate organic produce in their own backyards. Recognizing the importance of sharing of knowledge, Nau Mere has become a resource person for others, with inquiries coming in from various places.


The transmission of women’s indigenous knowledge is seen as pivotal, empowering families to attain self-sufficiency. In her personal life, Nau Mere is a single parent alongside her daughter, while her son, Maciu balances studies and work in boat making in Ba. Her story is a testament to resilience and the pursuit of knowledge to foster sustainable livelihoods.”