On 6 February 2024 in Suva, DIVA is launching a new booklet, the second in our DIVA-ABC booklet Series (Analysis by Communities), and accompanying the DIVA 2019 LBTQ human rights community-led research.
It’s taken over a year to develop this new set of work. It will be used in all our Poverty to Power Network work, including many sets of local and national work, coming up at the CSW68 (UN Commission on the Status of Women), the Triennial Conference of Pacific Women, AWID and more.
Why? Analysis and action in a network is most helpful if it comes from those experiencing a problem, as they have been working on strategies in their own lives for years, so new knowledge and action is possible.
So 23 women in the Poverty to Power Network have written honest, brave experiences of poverty and what they want done about it. DIVA for Equality added some analysis to help take it from local to national, regional, global and back. It challenges some of the underlying oppressions that make poverty rise, and that make it hard to end. It is designed for wide users from women and gender diverse people, wider public through to technical workers, to government and all.
The booklet will be available both online at the DIVA website after 6 February 2024 and limited hard copies. The launch will be in Suva and online by most of the 23 authors and DIVA staff.
We can’t wait! WATCH THIS SPACE!