The 3rd Pacific Human Rights Conference on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression, and Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC) held in Nadi, Fiji,  worked hard and with movement-strength from around the vast Pacific region, to design lasting work toward a just, resilient, decolonised, peaceful Pacific region respecting universal human rights, gender, social, economic, climate and ecological justice, and defending the living Planet.

The conference brought together activists, parliamentarians, and stakeholders to address key issues facing LGBTQIA+ individuals in the Pacific region.

Discussions focused on advocacy for LGBTQIA+ rights, data management strategies, and organizational sustainability. Emphasis was placed on the importance of qualitative data and community-tailored approaches to address challenges such as brain drain and leveraging expertise from neighboring countries.

Recommendations included prioritizing community-centric data collection, enhancing collaboration for effective impact, embracing qualitative and quantitative data integration, and strategizing creative communication with donors.

Furthermore, the conference emphasized the need to celebrate and reclaim cultural perspectives and values from the Pacific, promote sustainable solutions honoring indigenous PIDSOGIESC+ language, culture, traditions, and heritage, and facilitate community engagement through collaborative conversation approaches like talanoa circles.

View the Outcomes Statement of the 3RD Pacific Human Rights Conference on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression and Sex Characteristics here.